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09 February 2014 @ 08:26 pm
I want to give you something I've been wanting to give to you for years: my heart.  
Hey Jess, why have you:
* Stopped drinking coffee?
* Stopped coming out to eat?
* Stopped drinking?
* Started sleeping all the time?
* Been really vague and nonsensical?

A photographic essay:

The Noob

A few answers to inevitable questions:
* I'm nearly 13 weeks
* The scans are all really positive
* I'm starting to feel better
* aeduna has been a total superstar (best babydaddy ever)
* Liz has been totally supportive and awesome
* Yes we're all still living together, everyone in the situation is happy and healthy and not being inducted into a weird poly cult (unless Tim has nefarious plans)
* The boys know they're getting a sibling and are pretty stoked - no, we're not going into the whole 'half sibling' thing with them
* Hamish will be turning 6 just after the noob arrives, Kieran will be 2.5
* Yes it was planned, you asshole
* I'm due mid-August
* I'll try and keep this updated as I go along
* I am really, really happy :)
Breathe out: excitedexcited
Breathe in: Blue October - Congratulations
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